My career progression hasn’t exactly been linear. My first job was working at a Pizza Hut at the age of 15 washing dishes. At 19 I was a textile salesman in the garment district. I couldn’t even sell a yard of fabric…I had no idea what I was doing. At 23 I found myself interning at Fast Ashley Studios where I painted, cleaned and packed studios for 16 hours a night regularly.

Turns out putting in all that grunt work paid off. Since then, I’ve helped some of the most renowned photographers in high-end fashion photography; I've digital teched, lit, lugged, color corrected, retouched, backed-up and bounced for some of the best!

These days, aside from taking beautiful portraits you can also find me taking or teaching yoga at Yoga to the People or running in any of the 5 boroughs training for the New York City Marathon in a pair of short shorts.